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KAWAI MP7SE 88-key Stage Piano black withF-10H(Pedal Damper)

KAWAI MP7SE 88-key Stage Piano black withF-10H(Pedal Damper)
KAWAI MP7SE 88-key Stage Piano black withF-10H(Pedal Damper)
KAWAI MP7SE 88-key Stage Piano black withF-10H(Pedal Damper)

KAWAI MP7SE 88-key Stage Piano black withF-10H(Pedal Damper)
A stage piano that brings out the best in emotional performance, with 256 built-in tones, including three types of grand pianos. Responsive Hammer Action III is employed, with attention to detail in keyboard mass, hammer weights, and other aspects. The Virtual Technician function allows the user to adjust the piano's tuning and tonal character as desired.

Equipped with three types of grand piano sounds, including the SK-EX concert grand piano, the pinnacle of its class. The SK-EX concert grand piano and the SK-5 medium-sized grand piano from Shigeru Kawai, Kawai's best grand piano series, are newly equipped. Also included is the Kawai Concert Grand Piano EX, which was actually used in the Chopin International Piano Competition, the world's most prestigious piano competition, for a total of three models with built-in grand piano sounds.

For these piano recordings, we selected the best pianos and tuned them by a top-level tuner (MPA), which is only possible with Kawai's expertise in piano manufacturing. The HI-XL sound source realizes smooth tone changes from weak to strong blows and realistic piano sound with less muddy chords and extended decay, expressing the full quality of the piano sound.

The 256 built-in tones are divided into eight categories. Each sound category consists of eight subcategories, which are further divided into four variations (Piano, E-Piano, Drawbar, Organ, Strings/Vocal, Brass/Horn Section, Pad/Synth, Bass/Guitar). (8 categories x 8 subcategories x 4 variations = 256 voices). This systematic organization of voice groups allows for immediate voice changes even during live performances, and the currently selected voice can be confirmed at a glance. Tone parameters are displayed on the center LCD, and the user can also adjust tone and effect parameters while playing by turning the knobs. Furthermore, the user can preassign his or her favorite parameters to be displayed on the screen.

Virtual Technician function allows the user to create the piano sound as desired. The exceptional skills of a skilled piano tuner are essential to bring out the best performance from a concert grand piano. In addition to accurately tuning tones, they also make various tonal adjustments to ensure that the piano is capable of playing true music. The Virtual Technician function changes the character of the piano tone by simulating the tuner's tuning work. Various items can be adjusted in real time, such as touch weight, hammer hardness adjustment, noise adjustment when fingers leave the keyboard, string resonance, opening and closing of the large roof, damper resonance, etc.

Virtual Technician is also available for electric pianos. Equipped with an amp simulator.

The tone character of the amp and cabinet is an important factor in determining the tone of a vintage electric guitar. The amp simulator allows you to play with analog-like warmth and thickness of tone. In addition to five different amp types, drive level and volume can be finely controlled, and an equalizer and tone edit function are also provided. In addition, the type of microphone that collects the amp's sound, the placement of the microphones, and the volume of distant stereo microphones can be adjusted. The amp simulator, with its infinite combinations, brings even more fun to vintage electric piano tones. Keyboard: 88 keys, Responsive Hammer Action II. Piano sound source: HI-XL 88-key stereo sampling piano sound source. Number of tones: 256 total (8 categories).

Effects: 6 reverbs, 129 others. Headphone: 1 channel (stereo standard plug). USB to Host: B terminal.

Other: FOOT CONTROLLER EXP terminal, FSW terminal, DAMPER(F-10H) terminal, GFP-3 terminal, with EXP TYPE switch. ┬ŽDimensions: W 1362 x H 172 x D 339mm (not including music stand).

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  • Model: KAWAI MP7SE
  • Number of Keys: 88
  • Instrument: Electronic Keyboard
  • Brand: Kawai
  • UPC: 4962864312322

KAWAI MP7SE 88-key Stage Piano black withF-10H(Pedal Damper)