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Casio 61-key keyboard (white) Casiotone CT-S1WE

Casio 61-key keyboard (white) Casiotone CT-S1WE
Casio 61-key keyboard (white) Casiotone CT-S1WE
Casio 61-key keyboard (white) Casiotone CT-S1WE
Casio 61-key keyboard (white) Casiotone CT-S1WE
Casio 61-key keyboard (white) Casiotone CT-S1WE
Casio 61-key keyboard (white) Casiotone CT-S1WE
Casio 61-key keyboard (white) Casiotone CT-S1WE
Casio 61-key keyboard (white) Casiotone CT-S1WE

Casio 61-key keyboard (white) Casiotone CT-S1WE

Casio 61-key keyboard (white) Casiotone CT-S1WE. Because it is simple, it matches any mood. The design that focuses on selecting and playing tones, which is important for keyboards, has the beauty of a keyboard instrument while being minimal.

Its simple and light appearance blends in with the interior and blends into everyday life, and will casually snuggle up to any mood. Unique expressive power with AiX sound source.

Casio's state-of-the-art AiX sound source pursues perfection as a musical instrument by comprehensively designing circuits / mechanisms / software / chips (LSI). Despite its compact body size, you can enjoy high-quality sound.

From acoustic instruments such as pianos and strings to electric instruments such as electric guitars and organs, and electronic musical instruments such as synthesizers, the characteristics of the sound are thoroughly analyzed and reproduced as realistic tones. Not only can you express the uniqueness of each instrument, but you can also enjoy the free performance that the player envisions.

His custom LSI that vividly reflects even the finest performance nuances. The new Casiotone uses an LSI (Integrated Circuit) developed in-house to enable Casio's ideal performance expression.

With a high-performance custom LSI, all processing for producing sound is streamlined to the utmost, and high-definition and expressive sound is realized by our original waveform compression technology. For example, not only is the sound of the instrument recorded and played back in detail according to the strength of the performance, but the characteristics of the amplifier section unique to vintage instruments are measured.

By high-speed calculation based on the huge amount of data, you can get a realistic reaction according to the performance. Unique tones that expand the possibilities of expression. ADVANCED TONES is a gem tone created by making full use of Casio's highest technology.

The behavior of acoustic and vintage instruments that have been used in many famous songs is measured in detail, and the characters of each instrument are vividly reproduced by making the best use of the performance of the AiX sound source. In addition, original tones that change in various ways depending on how you play are also available, enabling unprecedented and innovative expressions.

The sound of Casio's successive electronic musical instruments has been revived as CASIO CLASSIC TONES with the AiX sound source. Synthesizers such as the first Casiotone 201 (CT-201), which was born in 1980, and the CZ-101 and VZ-1 supported by professional musicians. Carefully selected 12 tones for keyboardists, such as the Casio-like unique ultra-compact keyboard VL-1.

The high-quality sound revives the atmosphere of the time. The pleasant sound makes me feel uncomfortable. A newly developed speaker unit that is the key to the sound that comes out.

The CT-S1 uses a unique bass reflex mechanism "Horizontal Bass-Reflex System". Space-saving and powerful sound is produced, and the speaker evolved to fit the slim size reproduces clear and sharp sound. In addition, the surround function allows you to experience the spread of sound even with a small body.

In addition, the "Volume Sync Equalizer" function automatically adjusts the sound quality so that even if the volume is turned down, the bass will have a strong presence and the treble will be clear. With our special acoustic system, you can always enjoy the sound that is comfortable to your ears. Powerful sound created from a precise structure. The Horizontal Bass-Reflex System is a space-saving bass reflex mechanism developed to produce powerful bass with a slim body.

By attaching the speaker to the dedicated parts installed in the lower case instead of attaching it directly to the upper case, an independent enclosure (speaker box) is secured. While suppressing distortion and resonance with high rigidity, powerful bass is realized by the bass reflex structure.

Furthermore, parts and screws that obstruct the flow of air inside the enclosure and cause resonance are thoroughly eliminated. The shape of the duct, which is the path of sound, is rounded to reduce wind noise, and the bottom of the body is slightly raised to not block the bass.

The elliptical speaker balances slimness and large surface area, and the two-stage magnet strengthens the magnetic force. Furthermore, a cloth material is used for the edge of the cone (diaphragm) to achieve a sharp sound. It automatically corrects the low and high frequencies that are difficult to hear at low volumes, and achieves the optimum sound quality that matches the human hearing characteristics at any volume. Just turn the volume knob and you'll always be able to play with a pleasant sound.

Because it is a neat design, it fits naturally. Designed with an emphasis on playing, the CT-1S consists of only the keyboard, speakers, and minimal buttons that are essential for a keyboard. The design is minimal and looks like a keyboard instrument. The material of the speaker net that makes you feel the spread of sound is a mixed color cloth material with a texture like an interior.

Pursuing simple beauty and ease of use. At the same time as the simple beauty of a musical instrument, we pursue a user interface that anyone can easily use. It is laid out so that you can perform the desired operation instantly while having a neat appearance with the minimum necessary buttons and knobs. A new world of Casiotone that spreads wirelessly, [Bluetooth MIDI / Audio] Bluetooth.

Mix audio and MIDI with a unique data control method and communicate via USB. This is the first adapter type that can use both audio and MIDI data, and it is possible to play favorite songs in the smart device with powerful sound from the speaker of the main unit, and to communicate MIDI data between Casiotone and smart devices and other electronic musical instruments. Latency (delay) and signal disturbance are unavoidable in communication using the Bluetooth standard, but Casio's unique technical measures achieve both communication speed and stability at a high level. You can comfortably enjoy playing music and playing using the app. Touch response: 3 types, off.

Tone: 61 (advanced tone 10 / classic tone 12). Demo song: 1 + 10 (piano demo).

Audio input terminal (stereo mini jack). Speaker: (13cm x 6cm) x 2 (output 2.5W + 2.5W). Power supply: Uses the included AC adapter (DC 9.5V), AA alkaline batteries / AA rechargeable nickel-metal hydride batteries x 6 continuous operation time approx. Body size: (width) 930 x (height) 83 x (depth) 258 mm. Accessories: Music stand, strap lock, AC adapter (AD-E95100LJ).

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  • Brand: Casio
  • Number of Keys: 61
  • Instrument: Electronic Keyboard
  • Color: White
  • Model: keyboard
  • Features: Battery Powered Option
  • UPC: 4971850315087

Casio 61-key keyboard (white) Casiotone CT-S1WE